Ever feel like you do all the right things but something’s still missing? 

Join Britelle on this FREE Web Event to learn how your emotional wellbeing could be the missing piece in your physical health journey.

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4:00 PM Bali/Perth Time
TUE 21st SEP 2021

5:30 PM Adelaide; 6:00 PM Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane


What consumes your mind controls your life.

Life is hard when our mind is cluttered and overwhelmed. Right now, the current state of the world can feel even more overwhelming than normal. External pressures are being placed on us to make potentially life changing decisions faster than we may be comfortable with. If you’re feeling like you simply don’t have any clarity or energy left to deal with life’s challenges, this Web Event is for you.

If we can create energetic space and clear some of the emotional trauma we carry, whether big or small,  we have the room to process everything around us and respond calmly. Life becomes easier!

Emotional Clearing has been pivotal in my personal healing journey. In this Free Event I’ll share with you some insights I’ve gained along the way and how these in turn can help you lighten your personal emotional load.

what you will Experience!

  • Learn why seemingly small and insignificant events such as being told we’re fat or worthless as a child can result in trapped, internal trauma
  • Gain insight into how subconscious negative beliefs such as “I’m a failure” can prevent us reaching our life goals
  • Understand how holding onto emotional burdens can impact physical health
  • Take away some strategies to implement at home to help clear your emotional load
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4:00 PM Bali / Perth
WED 19th MAY 2021

6:00 PM Brisbane; 6:00 PM Sydney/Melbourne


7:00 AM Bali / Perth
SAT 22nd MAY 2021

9:00 AM Brisbane; 9:00 AM Sydney/Melbourne


"It has been such an experience working with Britelle! It has helped me realise / uncover / get rid of so much with the Emotional Clearing sessions. And the BREATHING!!! Who knew just breathing could be so useful!!!??
I am so blessed to have been able to have you coach me through this, and I now love the ME that I have found in the process.
A million ‘thank-yous’ would not be enough."

~ Bek R.

"Britelle has a genuine passion for health. She is caring and compassionate as I discovered during my consult, Britelle wasn’t just helping me, she was teaching me about my body and how I can assist my body to heal. I love that I have a newfound set of tools to carry forward with me on my healing journey. Very Grateful."

~ Jodi C.

"Even though I have done 'work' in this area with the education, retreats and in daily practice, there are always more onion layers to peel away and my coaching session with Britelle really refreshed my knowledge as well as going deeper for insights and realisations I had been unable to get to on my own."

~ Jemma S.


Tyler is passionate about ancient teachings and health practices that had been lost to the modern world. 

Tyler believes that good things in life are easy to attain and simple to understand, but that the way most of us have been brought up has made these simple things confusing. In short, we have lost the combined knowledge of millennia in our search for unnatural, quick-fix solutions.

It is Tyler’s aim to strip away the lies that we have been fed from birth and to shed light on the key principles of living a natural, healthy, disease-free life. Through his teachings, people all over the world have been able to develop mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and socially.

Tyler’s aim is to take the power of whole raw foods and natural healing to the world so that we can all benefit from this ancient wisdom.


Britelle has been a passionate advocate about the simplicity of health for a long time and aims to help others learn the fundamental principles of health by getting back to basics. She genuinely believes gaining true health doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process and optimal health and vitality can be possible for everyone.

Having been through the process of healing emotional trauma herself, Britelle is well aware of how our emotional state can manifest into physical ailments. By releasing negative beliefs and clearing past traumas, current physical illnesses can be healed – the two work powerfully together as Britelle has witnessed first hand.

Together with her teaching qualifications and background in education, training from Tyler and her natural leadership qualities, Britelle is well equipped to support her clients learn how to heal themselves both physically and emotionally so they reach their true potential.

“My goal is to help educate, empower and guide people through their health journey and take the often overwhelming complexity out of the equation. By keeping the process grounded in the basic fundamentals and following the 7 Principles of Health, I truly believe with a customised coaching plan incorporating emotional clearing, everyone has the ability to reach their health goals. It is an absolute pleasure to work with individuals who genuinely want to learn how to heal themselves and it is my honour to walk with them through the process. ”

Copyright © 2021 Tyler Tolman.
Copyright © 2021 Tyler Tolman.