1 DAY WORKSHOP With Tyler & The Heal Thy Self Coaches
Heal Yourself Naturally & Experience The Community
Live Audience Interactions, Iridology Demonstration, Stories & Healing Experts
It's a full day event bringing you the best of all things the Heal Thy Self Brand does!
We are known for our retreats, events, products and community and we've
cherry picked all the best bits to bring you this LIVE one day event.
Limited Tickets Only $149
Your Ticket Includes:
  •  Exclusive access to this private educational event
  •  3 unique and engaging educational talks with Tyler Tolman
  •  Opportunities to network with people in your local area
  •  Connect with people who can offer the support to back Tyler’s wisdom
  •  Opportunities for a free 15 minute consultation with a Heal Thy Self Coach
"Our vision is to bring you more than just life-changing information, but also the tools and support to put things into action and maintain long term changes in your life."
You'll leave feeling....
  •  Confident on how to simplify your health
  •  Empowered that you have all the solutions at your fingertips
  •  Nourished by meeting like minded people in your local community
  •  Inspired to take the next step wherever you are in your journey
  •  Supported to put what you’ve learnt in action
  •  Amazed how much your eyes can tell you about your health
  •  Open to opportunities through networking and sharing
Limited Tickets Only $149
After this workshop you’ll walk away with:
  •   The Heal Thy Self philosophies that are known to be simple, practical and presented in a fun entertaining way
  •  The experience of seeing Tyler perform live consults by analysing people's eyes using Iridology and learn how to do this yourself
  •  Access to handpicked therapists, health and service providers like those healers who have worked on our retreats
  •  Connections from networking with like-minded people in your healing community on both a business and personal level
  •  Knowledge of the fundamentals behind the 7 Principles of Health
  •  Weed fact from fiction and gain clarity
  •  Iridology & Sclerology basics that will show you how to identify dis-ease in the body
  •  Knowledge of the one common solution to a majority of the health issues
You’ll get guidance and feedback from Tyler and his team, as well as the wider Heal Thy Self Community, giving you the structure and means to create significant positive changes in your health and happiness.
This 1 day workshop include 3 sessions:
Session 1
Meet your new TRiBE and learn the key Foundational Elements to support the rest of the day and your life!
Session 2
LIVE on stage iridology. Learn in real time as Tyler uses eye photos to deep dive into the health of members of the audience.
Session 3
Many health issues, but one common solution. Learn why fasting is one of the most simple solutions and how to do it.

The program is awesome. Revolutionary in its approach to healing! 
This program taught me that healing does not need to be complicated, expensive or in someone else's control. Self healing is our birthright and very empowering!
Tyler's knowledge, wisdom and passion truly inspires me to expand my knowledge and apply all these principals to live my best life. To also share this gift of health with others drives me massively. To truly evolve into higher levels of health and consciousness is very exciting!
Limited Tickets Only $149
Who Is Tyler Tolman?
Tyler Tolman is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, media personality, event facilitator, truth-teller and one of the world’s leading authorities on natural health and longevity. A qualified iridologist and fasting expert, Tyler has dedicated his life giving to others.

His work has helped people from all walks of life. Through sharing his knowledge and cutting through the noise, people learn how to reconnect with their body’s innate wisdom. They rediscover the brilliance of the natural world and uncover their ability to naturally improve their lives mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, socially and spiritually.

Your Certified Heal Thy Self Coaches
Tyler created the Heal Thy Self Academy to share his wisdom when
we just couldn't keep up with the demand for 1:1 clients.
These amazing humans will be available for selected FREE
15-min consultations throughout the day.
Limited Tickets Only $149